Premiers sièges !


Prepare for WAR!

The very first castle sieges are set to happen this weekend!

• Siege Scrolls are available now on the Auction House for Heedmar and Nuimari, whose sieges start on Sunday, November 23 at 1:00 PM PST / 9:00 PM GMT.
• Siege Scrolls for Marcala and Calmlands will be on the Auction House on November 26 at 2:30 PM PST / 10:30 PM GMT. Their sieges start on Sunday, November 30 at 1:00 PM PST / 9:00 PM GMT.

Declaring Siege

Each Siege Scroll will be available for bidding on the Auction House for 48 hours after its posting. The scrolls are timed items and must be used by a Guild Leader to declare siege before they expire. To declare a siege, right-click on a Siege Scroll (where you’d like the siege to start) in its specified zone. Once placed 250m away or further from the opposition’s Archeum Lodestone, it becomes the respawn point for the attackers during the ensuing siege.

Storming the Castle

To claim victory, Attackers must destroy the Defenders’ Archeum Lodestone and then convert the destroyed Lodestone to their own before the siege timer expires.

• The Defenders will be victorious if they can prevent their Archeum Lodestone from being converted. Purifying Archeum is not required to convert the Archeum Lodestone during a siege.
• Defensive fortifications such as castle walls and gates reduce the amount of damage the Archeum Lodestone receives.

Reporting for Duty

Both the Attackers’ respawn point and the Archeum Lodestone have a siege perimeter that only designated participants can enter (everyone else will be removed).

• At the start of a siege, Defenders within the castle limits stay where they are, and those located outside the castle limits (but within the Siege perimeter) are transported to the Defender respawn location.
• All attackers are transported to the Attacker’s respawn location.

Guild Leaders can designate which ranks can participate by using the “Siege Participation Open” checkbox in the Permissions tab of the Guild menu. Once a Siege begins, the game will select from the eligible participants for Attackers and Defenders up to the allotted limits within the siege perimeter based upon the following priority and criteria:

1. Guild Leader and Commanders
2. Character Power – Based on level, stats, attack power, and defense

Those who do not qualify for the initial selection are transported out of the siege perimeter when it begins.

Attackers begin with a full-size army of 70 participants, while Defenders can only field 50 members for the first 20 minutes. Guilds that own two zones begin with 45 members, and those that own three or four zones begin with 40 members. After twenty minutes, additional Defenders will be able to join the siege to bring the total number up to 70.

Best of luck to all attackers and defenders!

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