ArcheAge Q&A Livestream: January 30 at 3:30 PM PST

ArcheAge Q&A Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, January 30 at 3:30 PM PST (GMT-8)
Duration: 30 minutes

Au programme, les questions des joueurs, sélectionnées sur le forum et des informations relatives à l’économie du jeu et à comment ils veulent nous faire croire qu’ils travaillent à la protéger contre les tricheurs 🙂

(je troll délibérément, ici)

Ceux qui ont le temps de suivre l’émission (si on peut dire) auront un petit cadeau à faire valoir en jeu (on les motive comme on peut ;p)

Je mettrai à la suite les infos pertinentes qui en sortiront, s’il y en a.



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  1. Bruine dit :

    Recap of Livestream Q&A :

    1)Economy: they know it’s fucked up. A bit of rambling on. They’ll try to get more money sinks. At the same time, they want to boost archeum drops. They don’t want to penalize lower levels but more higher end people who can afford spending gold if they need to. Acknowledge the existence of a 1% in the game. They are also launching some kind of offensive to fight off gold selling/farming/bots, saying they will be a lot more aggressive about it. There were talks of a casino.

    2)Mergers/transfers: not in the books for now. They want to try to revitalize low-end pop servers first before they go the way of mergers or transfers. We later learned of some efforts for that: incentives to join lower pop servers, ads going on across several platforms, etc.

    3)Diamond Shores, Level 55, 1.7: Diamond Shores and level 55 will be opened together, but 1.7 won’t be there at the same time. The leveling from 50 to 55 will be easier than in the korean version. The library dungeon/grind will also be easier, as XLGames reported that koreans found that part too grindy (insert stereotype). ETA is in around a month.

    4)Removing AFK: They will remove the afk timer because it existed to fight off huge queues during launch and served no purpose anymore. They also said we definitely should stop punching houses.

    5)Trial system: no plans to really change it. Merv says that as a pirate, anyway, your arse belongs on the sea.

    6)Fluffy on the PTS: they want us to give them suggestions as to what else we could say to Fluffy. Be witty.

    7)Windscour Savannah: if you have FPS problems there, it’s mostly because your PC is trying to load too many things at once, as the region is working normally (word used was « standard »). Didn’t know it was a problem, tbh.

    8)Blockades with haulers: it wasn’t planned but it’s part of the game. To be fair, the man who talked about it (Merv) is a pirate ingame and definitely has no love for pack trading so it’s not exactly something he really deals with regularly. They say that any change to it would have to involve changes to collisions (hinting that it would be a lot more complicated than simply saying voilà). They suggested to be imaginative and find creative ways to work around blockades.

    9)Obsidian: coming with the level 55 patch. ETA a month or so.

    10)Arena: a few things there. They are open to the idea of 2v2s and 3v3s, say the current system doesn’t support premade teams but it’s been on their list of stuff to bug XLGames about and they also say that 1.7 (I think) will feature… NAVAL ARENA. As in ship fucking battles. On a sadder note, they say that people who stall the arena for 10 minutes is another of those « part of the gameplay » types of things but they are open to discussion about it.

    11)Fishing competitions (coming soon) will have rewards weekly. Same as their pvp counterparts. They’ll give some rewards and bragging rights. Amary was way too excited about the possibility of getting a mermaid bathtub.

    12)Valentine’s Day stuff: no event planned, two more glider appearances (supposed to look awesome) and a plushie pet with emoticons/dances.

    13)Pegasus mount: it will not get NORMALIZED but it will get nerfed before it reaches our shores, as it is ridiculously powerful and unbalanced at the moment.

    14)Healing Gear: they want feedback as to what we want in terms of healing gear. They say that the best feedback is short, to-the-point and constructive.


    16)Larger family: they’re going to ask XLGames to increase family sizes to accomodate our larger, western households.

    17)Marlins: they refuse to increase the spawn rate of marlins saying they can’t force marlins to have more babies.

    18)Shields: upcoming shields with magic resistance.

    19)Appraisal certs: they’re asking XLGames to consider changing it so it takes 1 appraisal cert to sell a property, not 1 per 100g value.

    20)Free 200 labour: you should see threads everywhere but here’s the code:

    21)Player-made factions: not coming to us until it’s fixed on Korean version.

    22)New races/areas: the « greyed out » areas we see on both continents and Auroria are areas already planned by the Korean team. On Nuia and Haranya, they should largely cover the areas for the new races. On Auroria, they are for some other mysterious purpose. Don’t expect them for another year or so.

    23)Extended tax certs: the ability to pay for up to five weeks of taxes is coming to Korea and should be coming to our version « soon ». No ETA.

    24)Plate Armor: no plan to rebalance general armour stats but will ask XLGames what they think about it.

    25)Timber Coupe: Coming out after level 55 patch but before 1.7.

    26)Sieges: Unbuilt buildings are definitely not supposed to block/prevent the deployment/use of siege weaponry. That will be fixed. No ETA though.

    27)Next patch: Next patch will be in a week. It won’t be the level 55 patch one, that’s scheduled in 3 weeks/a month.

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