Nouveaux objets dans le Cash shop pour la St Valentin

New Marketplace Items

Ruby Valentine Package – Includes the Narayana Plushie Pet that unlocks adorable emotes as it levels up. Also contains the following three items: White Romance Table, Glider Customization: Ruby Wings, and Jumbo Baby Narayana Plushie. Available for 3555 Credits.

o Important: Don’t expect your Narayana Plushie Pet to be effective in combat – it’s too cute for that.

Valentine’s Gift – Has a chance to contain the rare Starlit Wings glider customization.

o Important: The Valentine’s Gift Box and Glider Customization: Starlit Wings are Bind on Pickup.

Scroll: Lonely Isle Dinghy – Tired of all the love in the air? Escape in a single-person rowboat equipped with a cask of rum and celebrate all by yourself! Used by discriminating loners everywhere as their preferred mode of aquatic transport. Available for 2750 Credits.

o Important: Scroll: Lonely Isle Dinghy is Bind on Pickup.

White Romance Table – Perfect for lovey-dovey couples, this table also comes with a two-player intractable emote. Available for 850 Credits or as a part of the Ruby Valentine Package.

Glider Customization: Ruby Wings – An all-new glider skin in the shape of Ezi’s Glider. Available for 2240 Credits or as a part of the Ruby Valentine Package.

o Important: Glider Customization: Ruby Wings is Bind on Pickup.

Jumbo Baby Narayana Plushie – Plushie collectors rejoice: a new plushie has arrived! Available for 500 Credits or as a part of the Ruby Valentine Package.

o Important: Jumbo Baby Narayana Plushie is Bind on Pickup.

Removed Marketplace Items

Service Staff’s Gift Box
Prim Service Uniform

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