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1. will part 1 of the patch we are getting (55 / obsidian weapons) contain the same ah / arena buttons in the lower right corner of the screen as the kr version? Why or why not?
i’m not sure but i don’t think so – i don’t know what version those buttons were added in. We’ll know when we have a final version of the build so please ask again in a week.

2. end game world bosses such as the red dragon, boss in which you must take your alliance / faction to accomplish a successful kill, reward players with crafting mats for one of the rarest costumes in the game. Will this costume that takes a long period of time to obtain have it’s stats removed as well? If yes what is the purpose of keeping the costumes ingame instead of the cash shop?
i think the red dragon costumes are some of the best in the game – i especially like the plate one. I can say that right now, in our version, they won’t have stats, similar to how other in-game drop only costumes also don’t have stats. The original logic behind costumes not having stats was with regard to the in-game marketplace. We didn’t want to have a “pay to win fashion show” (to quote amary). The logic that followed was if in-game costumes had significant stats, why would people ever wear any costumes that didn’t? All stats were removed as a result. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the stats on some of the costumes but they’re pretty crazy. We weigh this logic with the level of difficulty it takes to get costumes like the red dragon ones or the top-tier crafted costumes because the result is “why would i ever spend so much effort getting this thing when it doesn’t have stats and looks similar to x”. There are pros and cons against both sides and we can revisit it sometime in the future but for now we’re statless across the board.

3. can we see an increase in archeum drop rates from monsters in auroria in patch part 1 (55 / obsidian weapons) such as crystals and essence? Or will we continue to obtain « dust » from mobs above level 50?
the main change that’s being made is to “stolen library bags” which drop in the ayanad library. They’ll have a higher chance to drop crystals and essence. Normally library pouches should remain unaffected. On alpha, normal library pouches had an extremely rare chance to drop essence but i haven’t verified if that’s the case in our upcoming release. I’ll follow up.

4. to clarify the question about griffin mount, in the future will we get a normalized version of the mount, just as we are getting a normalized version of the pegasus? If not, why are we not getting the griffin mount?
the griffin is far off so i don’t know for sure but generally speaking the answer is yes. The pegasus is forthcoming and we’re in the deliberation process now around how it should change to fall in line with what’s acceptable for our version. I’d like to think that we’ll come up with a best practice on how to bring gliding mounts in line with current game play mechanics so what happens to the pegasus will likely also happen to the griffin.

5. will library monsters have a better coinpurse drop rate? Has the « rare » coinpurse been nerfed or changed at all, if so, why?
see #3 above!

6. are there any plans to look at the guard mechanics to make them more…effective? (fix their ai, right now people can abuse guards to steal boats because guards don’t have priority target)
none that i’m aware of but the same logic can be applied to most mobs in the game. Imprison, rooftops and similar obstructions seem to nullify a lot of guard activity. Pretty sure the answer is no here but i don’t know for certain.

7. will proficiency caps increase from the current 90k cap? If so, will there be further labor reductions?
proficiencies definitely scale in later versions of the game. I’ll be able to speak to this when we have our final build in the next weeks to at least verify the case for the secrets of ayanad release. I’m making a note for myself to include this in the level increase spotlight article.

8. will there be alternative ways to get lunarites used for alchemy or other types of materials that seems to be a bottleneck in the current version?(think superior fire/wave lunarites and such)
i know the higher tier pouches drop them more aggressively. If i correctly recall, the drop rates change with library pouches so fine become the rare, and superior becomes more common.

9. some farmed materials are scarcely or even never used in crafts other than commerce and there are some crafted materials that are rather useless since it’s only used for one craft and such(example rising star stone). Will those crafts be expanded so to make each and every material and crafts useful and balanced?
sounds like that would make sense but i haven’t done enough version digging to know. I do know that several proficiencies are expanded in future updates like machining in 1.7a/b. I tend to focus on immediate upcoming content for our version and i don’t see what you’re suggesting with the secrets of ayanad release.

10. ah bots.. The ones listing materials 1/3 the price and auto buying anything that gets listed lower (leather, lumber, iron ingot, etc) will something be done against these?
our tvb (trion vs. Bot) combat skill is ever evolving. The short answer is we make changes to discourage this behavior but new ways are constantly sprouting. We need to keep at it.

11. is anything going to be done about treasure hunting? It was nerfed hard before the game came out and now it is frustrating and not fun. Too little reward for the time it takes to do… And it has so much potential.
unfortunately, this was a cool mechanic that involved a heavy amount of botting. I haven’t seen any plans to change its current iteration. I agree that it ton of potential.

12. why can’t we add a crest to our auroria capes? Can you guys talk to xlgames to maybe make it possible?
i have no idea. We can add this to the “haunted chest trino pls” list.

13. what are the chances of an ability queue being added to the game, and what sort of time frame would it take to implement one?
this is a long standing request. I’ve personally not been involved in these discussions but i can also add it to my list to review. Not sure if this is even possible without a mechanics overhaul.

14. any chance that the turn-in-for-gold mechanics (tradepacks) will be tied to inflation rather than just fixed values?
probably not. It’s a nice idea though. It’d be pretty difficult considering each auction cluster and region has various levels of inflation. How do you measure inflation? There’d need to be an additional layer of intelligence added to the system. A+ for ideas, though.

15. in the kr version players are able to inspect other players to see their character / gear ingame. Will this feature be added to the part 1 patch of 55 / obsidian? If not could it be a possibility?
it’s likely that this could be introduced in a future build. I was completely unaware of this though and don’t think it’s in anything that i’ve seen so far. Admittedly it’s not something i’ve looked for.

16. will there be a change in farming/gathering bundles so that the players with 90k proficiency will be rewarded somehow (better than single planting) ?
the only benefits i’m aware of are labor reduction and single plant rarity chance increases. Let’s bring this back up whenever we establish that proficiency cap increases are inbound!

17. when are you going to stop punishing players for being offline and make offline regen rates for patrons the same as being online? (why do you want us to stayed logged ingame so much?, shouldn’t a 10/10 ratio lift some stress off your servers / my computer?)
this question comes up very often and i answer it the same way every time~ the short version is: It was a huge discussion at launch and the net result is the current implementation. I don’t see it changing any time soon and that’s also part of the initial conversation. Please trust me that we’ve done a large amount of review around this topic.

18. why cloth can reach soft cap phys def, and plate can’t reach soft mag def cap. Cloth users can freely use accessories to boost their attack while plate users need to use mag def accessories, to compensate of lacking low mag def. (cloth high m.def low p.def / plate high p.def zero m.def)
this is my new favorite question and i have no idea how to answer it. I’ve learned the logic behind the topic and thanks for pointing it out. I’m going to try to see if there’s an actual reason behind it but i really doubt it’s going to change in the near term.

19. when do lucky moonpoints and sunpoints come to the marketplace? How much loyalty will each of these items cost?
based on our timetable now it looks like after secrets of ayanad and before 1.7a. That’d put the very rough estimate around april. Vague.

20. what is the current status, eta or future availability of the tier 2 cars? Will these come out with the 1.7 release or will they be further pushed back?
no news on this, sorry. I know timber coupe review is first and that’s between 1.7a and 1.7b.

21. i hope aa team can make gamecard, so i can pay my patron or relunch on steam. Greendot end the scratch card, so we can’t use rixty in easy way to pay our patron. (comments?)
i’ll look into this. I don’t have a lot of info but i can ask.

22. why does the « dream ring » (from the serpentis ring quest) only give increased skill damage, but not increased heal amount? Would be a great item for healers aswell then.
<insert reason why healer itemization is not as heavily focused as other itemization>. As mentioned on a previous stream, we’ve expressed the concern and are going to encourage additional world drops that consider healers. Similar topics to this were talked about on a live stream 2 weeks ago.

there are additional questions in the thread but i haven’t taken the time to extract them all. Thanks for summarizing max. We’ll call some of these out on the stream tomorrow where time allows. Also, thanks everyone for participating, maybe this can be a regular thing.


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