All-New Secrets Packs Now Available

All-new Secrets Packs are now available! Dive into the Secrets of Ayanad update with Credits, Patron Time, and a host of tonics and potions to take your adventuring to the next level.

  • The Archeum Secrets Pack includes a Firebrand Courtier’s Robes costume, Albino Yata, Golden Teardrop Storage Chest,Permanent Any-Post Owl, 5000 Credits, 90 days of Patron status, and more.
  • The Gold Secrets Pack includes a Golden Teardrop Storage Chest, Permanent Any-Post Owl, 2500 Credits, 60 days of Patron status, and more.
  • The Silver Secrets Pack includes the Permanent Any-Post Owl, 1000 Credits, 30 days of Patron status, and more.


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