Mise à jour de la version 1.7B « Devouring Depths »



The Leviathan

  • The dreaded Leviathan—once thought to be legend—has finally returned to the Arcadian Sea.
  • A massive creature that lurks in the northern ocean, hunting the Leviathan requires both strong communication and a large naval presence.
  • Those who manage to defeat the Leviathan will be rewarded with the design for the Enoan Galleon, a new type of multi-level warship.
  • Additionally, defeating the Leviathan allows its body to be brought to Diamond Shores as a trophy that provides a powerful buff to nearby players in recognition of this great achievement over the seas.

New Zone: Miroir Tundra

  • The Miroir Tundra and surrounding Shattered Sea zones are now accessible.
  • Miroir Tundra is a zone that remains permanently in Peace.
  • Players with 120,000 Fishing proficiency can participate in Ice Fishing in this zone.
  • Purchase an Ice Shovel from a Vocation Badge vendor and craft your Ice Fishing Pole to get started!
  • Beware of wandering bears who are also interested in the daily catch.


  • Attack the Leviathan!
  • This event runs from 6/23 through 11:59pm GMT on 7/7.
    • Once per day, you can obtain a quest to hunt the legendary Leviathan while armed with a giant crossbow.
    • Successfully fire upon the Leviathan to complete the quest and obtain 2 Leviathan’s Legacy items.
  • Patron Loyalty Bonus
    • From 6/23 through 11:59pm GMT on 7/7, Patrons can earn additional Loyalty Tokens daily while logged in.
    • Obtain 1 Loyalty Token every hour for a maximum of three additional tokens each day.


  • Two new house styles are now available!
    • The Spired Chateau is a 44×44 mansion and can be purchased for 3000 Gilda Stars on Mirage Isle.
    • The Tidal Bungalow is a 28×28 large overwater bungalow and can be purchased for 300 Gilda Stars on Mirage Isle.
  • Reduced the amount of drops from destroyed ships.
  • To prevent the server from forcing castles into an un-owned state, guild leaders as the last member of non-pirate guilds no longer become pirates when their crime points go over 3000.
  • Map fog of war system has been turned off, so you can once again see full maps of zones you haven’t yet explored.
  • Added the recipe to craft Liberty Drums, a drumset that can be placed in a house and played with sheet music.
  • Added recipes to make the Red Farm Hauler, Red Red Rudolph Hauler, and to revert Red Rudolph Hauler back to a regular Farm Hauler.

Bug Fixes

  • Other faction’s chat has been changed back to symbols instead of letters for unknown characters.
  • Fixed an issue where certain push skills could knock captains with the Captain’s Intuition buff off of ship wheels.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed some car speeds to be increased in an unintended manner. Cars now have a max cap speed:
    • Apex Squall: 22 m/s
    • Timber Coupe: 24 m/s
    • Comet Speedster: 28 m/s
  • Fixed a method of cramming additional tradepacks into carts and haulers beyond their container limit.
  • Glitterstone Hens are less rampage-y after taking Chain Lightning damage.
  • Fixed an issue where players could be trapped after standing up from the Sovereign’s Piano.
  • Fixed a bug that increased received damage while under the Red Dragon Hatchling’s Flame Shield buff.
  • Fixed a visual glitch on some races with the Wavewyrm costumes.


  • “Wind” type jewelry has been correctly named Gale.
  • Corrected the German splash screen text.
  • Fixed Merit Quest text overlapping outside of the UI.
  • Applied the latest localization changes.

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